Monday, November 22, 2010

A peek into Ladybug Lane

Today Miss Triss came to visit us and she brought her puppy, Gretta! We all got a turn to hold Gretta, pet her, and throw her toy! She was so cute! The preschoolers in Ladybug Lane did a great job being gentle with tiny little Gretta. Thanks Miss Triss and Gretta!

They were the perfect size for each other! :)

Miss Triss held Gretta first so she could get use to us!

Little Miss Gretta!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blues In the Schools!!

Today we learned about the Blues!  We were happy to see two Blues musicians, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Hal from the River Music Experience!  The children did a wonderful job singing and listening to the music! 

Before we started, some of us explored the acoustic guitar!

We learned about how Blues music began...and that Blues music made it's way around the world!
We learned about the harmonica!

We clapped a rhythm to the Blues!

Cricket Corner with Mr. Hal and Mr. Ellis

Firefly Freeway with Mr. Hal and Mr. Ellis

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Olympics Play Day!

Our Special Education small group classrooms attended the Special Olympics Play Day today!  We had so much fun!  We rode the bus to the West Family Y and participated in bowling, basketball, the 25 yard dash, ball darts, the long jump and the tennis ball toss!  We got a t-shirt and ate lunch at the Play Day!  Thanks to all the wonderful families who came to help us out! 

Cricket Corner at the Special Olympics Play Day

Ladybug Lane at the Special Olympics Play Day!

Playing baseball!

Here we are playing ball darts!

We played soccer!

Ribbon dancing!

We were SO happy to be at the Play Day :)

Here we are playing baseball!

GO team!

We went bowling!
We each got a ribbon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Story Time!

Did you know, once each month our "Story Lady" comes to Children's Village Hayes and reads stories to each classroom!  The children look forward to this visit each month!  They come running over to the carpet to listen and quickly look to see what books the story lady brought to read!     

Firefly Freeway listening to stories read by the "Story Lady"
The children love hearing the rhyming books, the silly books, the books about children and the books about animals!

Cricket Corner listening to stories!
The children especially love the books with actions!  Clapping hands and reaching "high" and "low" are always fun when we're reading stories!

Ladybug Lane listening to stories!