Thursday, December 16, 2010

Louie the Lightning Bug Visit

Louie the Lightning Bug came today to visit all of our classrooms. He taught us about how electricity was made, what items around our house and school use electricity, and most importantly how to be safe around it.
First we watched a movie starring Louie
and learned all about electricity.

Then Louie himself came to help read us a story
about how to be safe around electricity.

Then Louie gave each child a book of their own to color so
they can share with their families all that they learned.

Finally we got to give Louie hugs and thank
him for coming into our classes.

Remember to "Play it safe around electricity!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

PTO Happenings!

Below is the agenda from our latest PTO meeting- December 8th.  Our next meeting will be January 12, 2011. 

CV Hayes PTO Meeting: December 8th 2010

Food Served: Tacos, Cookies, Juice
Attendance: Felma Sanchez, Sanjuana Shores (EFNEP), Amanda Golden, Mandy Cady
Voted Yes for Wal Mart containers
Amanda Golden will ask for donations from her employer which is Hardees other options for donations mentioned were chic fil a and Happy Joes.
Top 3 choices from parents included fun night, finger printing, and yard sale.
Special appearance by: Sanjuana Shores from Iowa State University EFNEP program. Talked about: nutrition and healthy snack ideas for children. Kids enjoyed mixing together and measuring out chex mix, pretzels, cheerios and raisons.
All parents who attended received a smoke detector, calendar, measuring cups, and hot chocolate.
Meal for next meeting will be spaghetti and meatballs.
Next craft will be: literacy story with activity craft.

Friday, December 10, 2010

More about our Jr. Theatre Visit!

We just had so many wonderful photos from our Jr. Theatre visit yesterday, I thought I'd post one more time!   These photos are from Caterpillar Creek, Firefly Freeway and Ladybug Lane.

Here we are pretending to be snakes!

Making silly faces!

Pretending to be animals!

Lots of stretches!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a fun Jr. Theatre Visit!


Today we were excited to have Miss Megan from the Jr. Theatre program come visit us!  We learned what actors do.  We learned about "emotions" and how to show our emotions on our faces. We learned about "projecting" our voices, just like actors do on a stage.  We also learned the big word "pantomime"!

First, she got us up and moving and stretching...just like actors do before going on stage!

                          More stretching!

             We warmed up our faces...                                                          and made silly faces!

                                            Then we had a chance to act!  Each child had the chance
                                            to act like an animal and the rest of the children were able
                                            to guess what animal it was!

                       Check back tomorrow, I may be able to post more pictures of our Jr. Theatre visit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock...

The Holiday Party at the Putnam museum was an afternoon of fun!  Parents signed up for a drawing for  free Putnam Imax movie tickets, the children met Santa and Mrs. Claus, had cookies and hot cocoa, made a craft, had fun with the magician and listened to music!  What more could you ask for on a cold December afternoon!

The highlight of the afternoon just had to be meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus!  I'm sure the children had LOTS to talk about with Santa!

Why, Santa, your beard is so soft!!...and by the way, did I tell you yet what I want for Christmas!?

There's our wonderful Miss Felma, as always, helping out at the event!  We love you Miss Felma!

More wonderful volunteers helping out with the craft station! 

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A peek into Ladybug Lane

Today Miss Triss came to visit us and she brought her puppy, Gretta! We all got a turn to hold Gretta, pet her, and throw her toy! She was so cute! The preschoolers in Ladybug Lane did a great job being gentle with tiny little Gretta. Thanks Miss Triss and Gretta!

They were the perfect size for each other! :)

Miss Triss held Gretta first so she could get use to us!

Little Miss Gretta!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blues In the Schools!!

Today we learned about the Blues!  We were happy to see two Blues musicians, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Hal from the River Music Experience!  The children did a wonderful job singing and listening to the music! 

Before we started, some of us explored the acoustic guitar!

We learned about how Blues music began...and that Blues music made it's way around the world!
We learned about the harmonica!

We clapped a rhythm to the Blues!

Cricket Corner with Mr. Hal and Mr. Ellis

Firefly Freeway with Mr. Hal and Mr. Ellis

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Olympics Play Day!

Our Special Education small group classrooms attended the Special Olympics Play Day today!  We had so much fun!  We rode the bus to the West Family Y and participated in bowling, basketball, the 25 yard dash, ball darts, the long jump and the tennis ball toss!  We got a t-shirt and ate lunch at the Play Day!  Thanks to all the wonderful families who came to help us out! 

Cricket Corner at the Special Olympics Play Day

Ladybug Lane at the Special Olympics Play Day!

Playing baseball!

Here we are playing ball darts!

We played soccer!

Ribbon dancing!

We were SO happy to be at the Play Day :)

Here we are playing baseball!

GO team!

We went bowling!
We each got a ribbon!