Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Newsday...March 3, 2011!

    Parents, Guardians, Friends and Relatives:

It's our Thursday News Day!  Don't forget to check out your child's classroom page (3pm or later)!  Your child's classroom teacher has posted a few of the activities the children have participated in during this past week and has posted upcoming activities for the following week!  Have fun viewing some of our fun activities and check for any important information from your child's classroom teacher.  (If you don't find any new information on your child's classroom page, please check with your child's teacher.)

You will continue to be able to view pre-school wide events on the blog's main page (here)!
 Here's a quick way to access each classroom page:

If your child is in Miss Pam's classroom (room 8) click here:  Cricket Corner    

If your child is in Miss Megan Sone's classroom (room 9) click here:  Ladybug Lane

If your child is in Miss Katie's classroom (room 3) click here:  Firefly Freeway

If your child is in Miss Meaghan Leggin's classroom (room 6) click here:  Bumbleebee Boulevard 

If your child is in Miss Teri's classroom (room 5) click here:  Caterpillar Creek

Also, take time to view our Sunflower Station Page for weekly updates from our office staff, Miss Felma and our PTO officers, as well as our Fast Forward page for weekly updates from Miss Dee!

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to leave us comments:  What would you like to see on our preschool blog?  Do you have questions?  Do you need more information? 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Pirate at Preschool!?

Today the preschool was visited by a very special visitor: a pirate named Bulldog Beard...a book reading pirate to be exact!  Dr. Klipsch was kind enough to bring his friend Bulldog Beard to read a book titled How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon (click on the book title if you would like to see a description of the book!)

The children absolutely LOVED hearing the pirate read this book in his wonderful pirate voice! 
The children also loved saying "Aaaaarrrgh" in their own wonderful pirate voices! 

This was a wonderful way to celebrate Read Across America Day (click on this link to find out more about Seussville Read Across America)!  Before he left, our pirate friend reminded us to go home and read our favorite books at home with our friends and families!  We REALLY hope our pirate friend will come back some time to read to us again!  We also hope all the children listen to their favorite stories with their families tonight!   
Cricket Corner with our pirate friend!

Firefly Freeway with our pirate friend!