Children's Village Hayes is one of four early learning centers within the Davenport Community School District.  It is one of two early learning center in Davenport that are located within an elementary school building.

We are located within Hayes Elementary School.  We follow the Children's Village Calendar and operate year round, with a winter and spring break.  We have five preschool classrooms  within CV Hayes; four integrated large group classrooms and one self-contained ECSE classroom.

Each integrated large group classroom can accommodate 18 children, while each small group special education classroom can accommodate 8-10 children. 

Each classroom is staffed by one Early Childhood Teacher and 2 teacher associates.  Our school day runs from 8am-2pm.  Each classroom participates in calendar time, large group, small groups, center work, outdoor play, breakfast, lunch and nap/rest time.  Each classroom has one or more children's computers and children's computer software for the children to work on as appropriate.

Before and after school programs are offered for parents working or going to school.  The PEP program operates after school and is run by the local Y.  Please ask your child's teacher if you are interested in receiving information on these programs. 

Children eat breakfast and lunch in the classrooms and each meal is served "family-style".  This means that the children help serve, pass and clean up to the extent that they are capable.  Each family is required to pay for breakfast or lunch meals (unless they qualify for free and reduced lunch).  Please ask your child's teacher if you would like information on the free and reduced lunch program.

Each classroom takes a nap/rest period during the day.  Each child is provided with a cot and a blanket to use during this time.  If your child does not sleep, a quiet activity will be provided. 

Each classroom teacher sends home daily notes with the children each day.  This will give you an idea of some of the things the children enjoyed during the day.  This can give you an opportunity to start a conversation with your child about activities, books or special visitors. 

Feel free to contact your child's teacher with questions any time!  Remember, you are always welcome to come visit the classroom or volunteer in the classroom!  Contact your child's teacher about visiting or volunteering in the classroom!