Projects: Many classroom are actively engaged in projects that both the children and teachers initiate in the classroom.  Project work provides children with the opportunity to learn about topics in an in-depth and meaningful way.  Projects generally revolve around topics that can be observed and studied on a daily basis- the nurse's office, flowers, the grocery store are all examples of projects that may be studied.

Growing With Math:  Our math program offers the children the opportunity to have hands on learning involving early math concepts.  These include matching, sorting, sequencing, patterning, learning about shapes and colors.  The program makes use of many manipulatives, books, songs and movement in order to assist the children in learning these early math skills. 

Little Treasures:  Our literacy program includes a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction books for young children.  We learn about letters, sounds, rhyme, book knowledge and language.  We utilize photos, activities, books, letters and manipulatives in order to assist the children in acquiring early literacy skills.

Second Step:  Our social skills curriculum introduces the children to problem solving skills, taking turns, sharing, conflict resolution and understanding and identifying emotions.  We use puppets and large photos to assist the children in gaining knowledge of appropriate social skills.

Handwriting without Tears:  Our handwriting curriculum offers many hands on activities to explore how shapes and letters are made.  We use music, movement and manipulatives to introduce the children to forming letters.