Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Pie, and a Parade!

In Bumblebee Boulevard (Room 6) we took part in numerous fall activities this week!

First we opened our pumpkin and looked inside. We saw lots of seeds and some "pumpkin goo." Each child got a turn to guess how many seeds were in our pumpkin. (469!!! WOW!)

Then we worked together to carve our class pumpkin!

We let the seeds dry overnight and cooked them the next day. We made one batch with olive oil and garlic salt and the other with butter cooking spray, sugar, and cinnamon.

After we tasted both kinds we surveyed our class to see which kind we liked best. We found out that most of us liked the cinnamon and sugar seeds best...but they both were SO yummy!

The following day we had a fall celebration where we ate some pumpkin pie! The children were curious as to what pumpkins were used for so we brought in a pie to try along with some candy corn mix and apple juice!

Mmmm....we can't wait to eat it!

Pie sure makes us thirsty!

Finally to end our week we watched the kindergarten classes, led by our principal Mr. Klipsch, in a halloween parade! The child loved Mr. Klipsch's costume, seeing their kindergarten friends, and giving high fives!

Waiting for the parade to start!

Mr. Klipsch in his hip costume!

Giving high-fives during the parade!

We had such a fun festive week!

- Bumblebee Boulevard :)

Spoooooky Fun!

A peek inside Caterpillar Creek!  The children enjoyed their Fall Party today!  Just look at all those goodies!  Even Mrs. Felix, Miss Kathy and Miss Amanda joined in the fun and wore some silly glasses!  What a fun time!

WHAT!?  Who are these silly people!?

Pumpkin, Pumpkin!

 A Peek Inside Cricket Corner  !  Miss Toni (our student teacher) helped the children make "pumpkin prints" today!  The children chose a big pumpkin or a small pumpkin, dipped it in orange, black or red paint and then pressed the pumpkin on the paper!  What fun!

hmmm...where should I put this pumpkin print?!

Some of us decided to explore the paint after we made pumpkin prints!

Some of us thought that pumpkin stem felt silly!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fire Safety with Firefighter Zach

Children's Village at Hayes was fortunate enough to have firefighter Zach come and talk to the children about fire safety. He brought with him a smoke detector, his fire gear, and examples of things the children should not play with (ie: matches, lighter, etc...) He went over "Stop, Drop, and Roll," who to call when there is a fire, and what to do if their is a fire in your house. He then put on his fire gear to show the children that they should not be afraid or hide from firefighters. He also told the importance of not going back into a fire to get any belongings and told them the reason firefighters could was due to all of their protective gear. Here are a few pictures from his visit.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PTO: Parent/Teacher Organization

We held our first PTO meeting of the 2010/2011 school year last Thursday.  We had 5  parents, 5 teachers and Felma (our Head Start Liason) participate in the meeting.  The parents and teachers discussed what topics they would like to focus on during this school year's PTO meetings, ideas for speakers and fundraising.  A regular meeting day and time (2nd Tuesday Wednesday of every month at 5 pm) was decided upon and PTO officers were elected.  

President:  Shelli G.
Vice President:  Theresa M.
Secretary:  Mandy C.
Treasurer:  Amanda G.

                     Next Meeting Date and Time:  November 10, 2010  5:00 pm  
If you weren't able to join us this month, please make time to join us next month!  We have free childcare for all children in the family, snacks and/or dinner, a "make-it-take-it" craft for you to do with your child and time to spend with other parents and teachers!  What a wonderful way to get involved with your child's school!  

Our November meeting will focus on a brief overview of our curriculum (Handwriting without Tears, Growing with Math, Little Treasures and Second Step).  So, if you would like to know what your child is learning during the school day; if you would like to know what "Mat Man" is or what books we are reading or math concepts we work on in Preschool this would be a great meeting to attend!   So come join us for our November meeting!         

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open House Fun!

Stopping in to see the classroom!

 What a wonderful turnout we had for Open House!  We started off the night with our first PTO meeting of the 2010/2011 school year (read more about this tomorrow).  We then had 22 families who came for or stayed for Open House!  Families saw artwork their child  made, enjoyed a few activities with their child and had a chance to talk to their child's teacher!  Families were able to enjoy ice cream cones and purchase Children's Village Hayes shirts in the hallway!  Thanks to all the families who took the time to visit their child's classroom during Open House!   Here are just a few photos of the children with their families! 

Singing with Mom!

Working on Pattern Blocks with Mom!

A fall craft to make!

A name tag to make with Mom!

More Name tags!

Fall activities!

Crafts to do with the family!

A Mat Man activity to do with the family!

More Mat Man!

Making a craft project with Dad!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Welcome to the Children's Village Hayes blog!  We're excited to introduce you to all of the wonderful learning going on within our preschool classrooms as well as outside in our outdoor learning area!  Whether you are a parent of one of our village children, a relative or friend, we hope you enjoy exploring the activities we have enjoyed at the Children's Village Hayes!  

Here's a quick photo tour of our building and outdoor learning area...