Monday, February 28, 2011

Preschool Postcard Exchange!

Did you know that Children's Village Hayes is participating in a postcard exchange with other preschools across the country (and some from around the world)!?  
Check out the map of the country we put up in the hallway.  We've added each postcard we've received so far around the map.
Each postcard tells us a bit about the classroom and the preschool the children go to!  Many of the photos on the postcards gives us an idea of the area the preschool is located!

This has been a great way for the children to learn a little more about communicating with others in letters!  Some classrooms have had the children help write the note on the postcard.  We've come up with a few interesting things the children want to say!

One classroom even sent us a whole letter and all the children signed it!  As the weather gets a bit warmer and the ice melts, we are hoping to get the children out with us to mail the postcards!
The Blue Angels postcard was the teachers' least favorite postcard as it described the nice warm weather in Florida...
This project has also given the children a chance to learn about some areas outside of our immediate school!  Some children have experience taking trips to other areas, or know that grandma or grandpa live in a certain area!  This is a wonderful way for us to begin introducing the children to other areas of the country and world!
 So far, we have received 6 postcards from around the country!  Hopefully, we will receive many more!  Thanks to Deborah at Teach Preschool for setting up this postcard exchange!  We're having a great time participating!

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