Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a fun Jr. Theatre Visit!


Today we were excited to have Miss Megan from the Jr. Theatre program come visit us!  We learned what actors do.  We learned about "emotions" and how to show our emotions on our faces. We learned about "projecting" our voices, just like actors do on a stage.  We also learned the big word "pantomime"!

First, she got us up and moving and stretching...just like actors do before going on stage!

                          More stretching!

             We warmed up our faces...                                                          and made silly faces!

                                            Then we had a chance to act!  Each child had the chance
                                            to act like an animal and the rest of the children were able
                                            to guess what animal it was!

                       Check back tomorrow, I may be able to post more pictures of our Jr. Theatre visit!

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